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NBIA’s 2005 Randall Whaley Incubator of the Year, was invaluable to LBTC. Because of the award, we received national, regional and local attention that has helped us attract quality entrepreneurs to our program, additional funding and sponsorships for our events, and increased reputation among my stakeholders.

Charles D'Agostino,
Executive Director
Louisiana Business & Technology Center, Baton Rouge
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InBIA member organizations around the world have helped launch countless companies that have had lasting impacts on their communities, their industries and their customers. Learn more about the clients and graduates who have made a name for themselves — with the help of an entrepreneurial support program.

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Each year, the InBIA Incubation Awards honor the business incubators, client companies and graduates that exemplify the best in the industry. The diversity of the award winners is proof that excellence has many faces and that numbers alone never tell the whole story. Click here for more information.

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