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Recognizing the growth and success in student incubation, NBIA started a student-incubation member listserv and network to share best practices and funding ideas. NBIA membership has helped us support our student innovators, and we were honored with the NBIA Incubator Innovation Award in 2013.

Donna Deeds, Executive Director, Center for Advanced Professional StudiesOverland Park, Kan.

The Board of Directors, InBIA's governing body, comprises 15 members who are elected by the membership. InBIA's president & CEO also may appoint up to two members. It is a working board, not an honorary body. It sets policy and directs the Association’s affairs; conducts strategic planning; sets financial objectives and monitors their achievements; shapes, approves, and evaluates programs and activities of the Association; and hires and evaluates the performance of InBIA’s chief staff executives. The Board also advises InBIA staff on issues pertaining to the entrepreneurial support ecosystem.

Each year InBIA fills five Board positions, as one-third of the voting members rotate off the Board or seek re-election to a second term. InBIA Board members serve three-year terms and can be elected to only two consecutive terms. Terms begin Oct. 1.

Board members are elected to represent InBIA’s membership at large and not a particular nation, state, regional interest or other constituency. InBIA seeks candidates who have been active InBIA members for several years and who have sufficient professional experience to serve on an international board.

Members of the Board influence the direction of the Association, so they must first be familiar with InBIA operations, services and members. InBIA aims for a well-balanced Board representing the diverse interests of the 1,900 members of the Association. Therefore, InBIA seeks candidates from a variety of backgrounds, including different:

  • types of entrepreneurial support programs (mixed-use, technology, special focus, private, venture capital and others)
  • relationships to the industry (program managers, developers, sponsors and other stakeholders)
  • geographic locations

Candidates who are incubator managers should represent financially sound incubation programs with the resources necessary to support Board service.

The Board meets three times a year: in early fall, in midwinter and in conjunction with the Association’s annual spring conference. Should a Board member become an officer, additional meetings may be required. Board members are expected to attend all meetings; those who miss three consecutive meetings are deemed to have tendered their resignation from the Board.

Board members are not compensated for their time or travel and accommodations for Board functions. Beyond recognition for their service to the Board and the Association, Board members are not eligible for special perquisites. They do not receive compensation for or relief from normal costs associated with InBIA membership. Prospective Board members must not expect to obtain financial benefit to themselves or to businesses in which they have an interest as the result of becoming InBIA Board members.

See list of current board members.

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